DNA and Cancer Risk

According to the National cancer Institute: “Cancer is a genetic disease-that is, cancer is caused by certain changes to genes that control the way our cells function, especially how they grow and divide. These changes include mutations in the DNA that makes up our genes.” As this quote claims, changes to our genes, such as mutations in the DNA, can increase the risk of cancer. These changes are either Inherited or Acquired.

Inherited Gene Mutations

If someone in your family has cancer, does that mean you will get it? Not necessarily, but if there is a history of cancer in your family, it may point to DNA. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that inherited genetic mutations play a major role in about five to ten percent of all cancers.

You can inherit cancer-predisposing genetic mutations from your parents if those genetic mutations were present in their reproductive cells. Such genetic changes are called germline changes and, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), these changes are present in every cell of the offspring. Therefore, if your parents had cancer-causing genetic mutations in their reproductive cells, every cell in your body would have the same genetic mutations.

It is worth noting, however, that these are “potential” cancer-causing genetic changes. These mutated genes are NOT a guarantee of cancer. While they GENERALLY increase the risk of developing it, the level of risk is different person to person.

Acquired Gene Mutations

In addition to mutations that may be passed down from parent to child, cancer-causing mutations in the DNA may also be caused during a person’s lifetime as a result of errors in cell division or exposure to carcinogens. These “acquired” genetic changes may arise at any time during a person’s life.

Benefits of Genetic Testing & Importance of Early Detection

According to the American Cancer Society, “early detection of cancer through screening has been determined to reduce mortality from cancers of the colon and rectum, breast, uterine cervix, and lung.”

Screenings, such as mammograms, are used to check for the presence of cancer but do not determine a person’s level of risk for potentially developing cancer in the future. If you have a family history of cancer, genetic testing can identify whether or not you carry known cancer-causing mutations. In fact, NCI asserts that “many experts recommend that genetic testing for cancer risk be considered when someone has a personal or family history that suggests an inherited cancer risk condition… ”

Cancer Doesn’t Have To Be An Unknown

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How to Keep The Holiday Spirit When You Have Cancer

The most wonderful time of the year is not so wonderful when you and your family are struggling with hardship. A cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment during the holidays can make it especially difficult to find joy in celebration, but that does not mean it is impossible. There are steps you can take to, not forget about your cancer, but work with it so that you can find ways to enjoy the season, even if you may not be able to participate in the same events you used to, at least in the same way.

Coping With Cancer During The Holidays

Everyone deserves to have a joyful holiday season, especially when it has been difficult to find things to be joyful about. These tips can help you and your family keep the holiday spirit alive while still preserving your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Shopping can be tiresome and frustrating. Do as much online shopping as possible and get creative. A shirt may not mean as much as a memory from childhood. It’s perfectly fine to say “No” and you should. People will understand if you can’t do certain activities.
Do things you enjoy, such as reading, playing board games with family, or even taking a nap, to lift your spirits when you’re not feeling at your best.
Enlist support for organizing holiday gatherings, meal preparation, and cleanup. Don’t try to do everything yourself.
Express your feelings and embrace the support of the important people in your life. Give yourself permission to feel and express your feelings. Let yourself laugh or cry.
Don’t overindulge in alcohol. Because alcohol is a depressant, it can “bring out” or heighten bad feelings.
Maintain healthy habits: Eat balanced meals, drink in moderation, get plenty of sleep, and try to make time for some physical activity, which is a good way to relieve stress.
It’s all about preparation. Plan how you want to spend your time, with whom, and for how long. Create a list of the usual traditions and events and decide if you want to continue certain traditions or create new ones.
Trying to celebrate alone can be very difficult. Make plans to get together with friends, family or co-workers over the holidays to balance the time you’ll spend alone.
It may seem like there isn’t much to celebrate, but there is always something to be grateful for and that is worth celebrating. You and your loved ones have developed new strengths with the day-to-day challenges of cancer. You have discovered a greater capacity for courage and love and that is worth embracing and building on during the holidays.

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The Mathematical Colours of Human Survival Technology

The Romantic Era of the Arts from the mid 18th Century to the mid 19th Century was inspired by the ideals of a lost ethical ancient science. Its leaders were concerned that humans had deviated into being governed by a lifeless mechanistic culture. The philosopher of science Wolfgang von Goethe considered that Isaac Newton had betrayed the science of colour to reduce all to a black and white mechanistic reality. Goethe’s linguistic colour perception theories were revived in 2012 as a book of the year ‘Through the Language Glass’, written by the linguist-physicist Guy Deutscher. However, few people are aware that in fact, Isaac Newton actually refuted the idea that the mechanical theory of the universe was complete and that like the Romanticists, he had derived this opinion from the same lost ethical science.

The work of other poets and artists during the Romantic Era that had attacked Newton for having a science derived from a clockwork description of a mechanical universe has now been linked to important DNA discoveries and the issue has become a crucial human survival one. It is an outstanding achievement that in 2017 the World Fund for Arts in Russia has taken upon itself to rejuvenate the Science-Art ethos belonging to the Romantic Era of yesteryear.

Newton’s mathematical genius supported a more profound description of the universe than that of a lifeless mechanistic cosmos. Science, economics and religion approved of the mechanistic model, the basis from which a false quantum mechanics was derived by teaching that Newton’s world-view was mechanical. Both political and commercial science, together with religious persuasion gained control of our unbalanced modern science. Along with the scientists, religious institutions were in denial that the living process evolved to infinity, evoking religious laws to enforce their opinions. The lost ancient ethical science could not come into its own until the time for knowledge about living human DNA arrived. It is now possible for quantum mechanics to be made complete by researching its entanglement with the science of quantum biology.

Arthur C Clark’s television documentary ‘The Colours of Infinity’ was about Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of infinite fractal mathematics. Within the documentary a comment was made that the evolution of civilisation was not included in the purpose of an infinite universe. The reason for that is because prevailing science is governed by the ‘Universal Heat Death Law’, which states that all the heat of the universe is going to radiate away into cold space and eventually all life in the universe must become extinct.

History’s most famous mathematician, Georg Cantor was also history’s most despised mathematician for daring to challenge the global scientific death cult. His declaration that a dysfunctional fear of infinity had infected the minds of modern age scientists created an international scientific and religious furore. World famous mathematicians, strongly objecting to such a pronouncement, joined together to savagely condemn his concept that the life force process could be evolving toward infinity. Influential religious leaders were enraged that Cantor’s mathematical conviction overturned their stubborn insistence that only a Supreme Deity could permit any access to infinity. The religious leaders, with differing Gods, were all willing to fight to the death as soldiers bravely upholding their sacred responsibility to protect their participation within the global death cult.

The NASA High Energy Project has published a paper by the Science Advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, Petar Grujic, showing that ancient Greek mathematics incorporated aspects of infinite fractal logic. From the jumble of old mathematical ideas an ethical atomic political science emerged to guide democratic ideals, vaguely referring to the evolution of an infinite moral wisdom. This proposed science was designed to guide an ennobling form of government so the civilisation could become part of an ethical universal purpose. Such a science was held necessary to avoid the extinctions belonging to the giant fossilised remains of previous life-forms that had not survived their tooth and claw arms race. In Plato’s Republic, the ancient atomic theories had advanced to the stage where Platonists defined ‘Evil’ as a destructive property within the atom, which could emerge to destroy civilisation. Therefore, the lost pagan atomic political science warrants our immediate attention. We need to balance the destructive aspect of atomic mathematical emotion with the atomic mathematics of what the ancient Greeks called virtuous mathematical emotions.

The Greek mathematics governing ethical atomic evolution posited the idea that the 28-day cycle of moon movement influenced the development of the female fertility cycle. It held that harmonic vibrations emanating from the moon resonated with the atoms of a mother’s spirit to explain her ethical love and compassion for children. Ancient Indian mathematical logic was not so vague about the concept of a living infinite mathematical reality. Sanskrit mathematics, developed before the Greek political atomic science came into existence, alluded to a future technology to be derived from the mathematics of infinity. However, today the prevailing thermodynamic heat death culture prevents adequate investigation into the development of such a technology.

The harmonious Greek mathematical process belonged to the ‘Music of the Spheres’, which the scientist Johannes Kepler used to make his famous astrological discoveries. Enough scientific discoveries have since followed to prove that the thermodynamic heat death cult information, governing every aspect of our ensured path to extinction, is quite simply a nonsense concept. During the 1980s Australian researchers proved this is to be an absurd situation.

In 1979 China’s most highly awarded physicist Kun Huang, gave Australian Science-Art researchers the methodology to measure the life-force governing seashell growth and development. They proved that our extinction law is what the mathematician Cantor said it was, a neurological malfunction within the scientific mindset.

Seashell life forms have existed for 50 million years and have not become extinct. In Australia the ancient Greek infinite mathematics was programmed into a computer to generate seashell evolutionary simulations over a 50 million year period. The computer simulations matched perfectly with the mathematical language written within the seashell fossil record. The dysfunctional mathematics upholding our thermodynamic death culture can only generate distorted or carcinogenic futuristic seashell simulations. Therefore, the law governing healthy seashell evolution toward infinity belonged to the mathematical messages coming from the living creature within the seashell.

In 1990 the world’s largest technological institute IEEE, based in Washington, placed the discovery alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. However, eminent scientists locked into their association with the Australian Government’s thermodynamic culture became extremely hostile when confronted with this simple factual observation.

The hostility toward the prediction that the seashell research was socially important had begun in 1979, following the Commonwealth Science Unit of Australian National Television in that year documenting the seashell research background into its internationally screened series, The Scientists – Profiles of Discovery. Scientists and Government Art Administrators joined forces in 1986 to attack the validly of the seashell discoveries published by Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento, during the 1980s. Later in 2009 they abruptly ceased their constant deprecation of the Science-Art research when it was awarded a Gold Medal Laureate by an Academy of Science in London.

The Science-Art theories of the molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, delivered at the 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University and the ‘Letter to Science’ in 1974 written by the Nobel Laureate cancer researcher, Szent Gyorgyi, had one thing in common. They both argued that the existing obsolete thermodynamic scientific culture belonged to the primitive mindset of our Neolithic ancestors.

The extreme difference between ethical and non-ethical mathematical emotional language is now very obvious. Poker machine mathematics, accompanied by sound and colour vibrations, can create a strong emotional compulsion to enter into states of financial and moral bankruptcy. Plutocratic governments (government by the wealthy), wage constant unethical poker-machine-like warfare against each other. They employ this deceitful mathematical-artistic phenomenon, forming alliances to maintain global power, for the militant protection of the people (Szent-Gyorgi’s ‘Crazy Ape’ tribe) that they represent.

The accompanying disregard to damage suffered by their constant creation of bankruptcy victims, simply echoes the harsh reality of the seeming naturally occurring law of the survival of the fittest paradigm. The salient point to be made however, is that to the ancient Greek science, the poker-machine mentality was correctly predicted to be based upon false emotional illusions.

In 2010 the fusing of the controversial Australian research with quantum biological cancer research in partnership with Quantum Art International was important. It resulted in the discovery of the antidote to the global epidemic of dysfunctional illusory scientific information transmitted by the mass production of communication and information devices.

The primary evidence as to the technological potential of the antidote contained an important visual proof. Unlike the poker machine designed to employ colour vibrations to control the mind the antidote reverses the process resulting in the mind controlling the colours in a painting. The electromagnetic emotional field bringing about this phenomenon can now be visually demonstrated.

In 2016 their presentation of the antidote theory together with relevant artwork at the International Contemporary Arts Competition in Russia, under the auspices of the World Fund for Arts, won a first prize. In 2017 the President of the World Arts Fund appointed the Founder of Quantum Art International to assist establish a Science-Art Research Project for the betterment of the global human condition.

The above mentioned ‘Evil’ within Plato’s ethical atomic political science can now be considered as a form of a neurological cancer threatening global civilisation. It can be reasoned that the antidote can best be introduced by a powerful military complex employing what is referred to as a soft military diplomacy, a sharing of mutual beneficial information technologies with other nations. From the DNA perspective that humans can be considered to belong to one race this diplomacy could overcome fanatical violent religious persuasions. From the DNA viewpoint, humans attacking humans is obviously a nonproductive neurological form of cancer. By simply programming the dysfunctional world-view’s entanglement with the antidote information the survival blueprint simulations can be generated for humans rather than for seashell life forms.

To summarise, Sir Isaac Newton most certainly did not believe that the mechanical description of the universe was complete. In his 28th Query Discussions he published, under the threat of being burnt alive by the Church for his statement: that those who thought that gravitational force was caused by the mass of objects in space were pretentious and illogical. He actually stated that the more authoritative scientific understanding of the matter came from the ancient Greek science. The discoveries of the great scholars of the artistic Golden Era of Romanticism had also derived their ethics from that same lost ancient science.

The social significance of all the above was dramatized by the Australian Science-Art author/artist Chris Degenhardt in his book “Democracy on Trial – The verdict” published in 2002. From the perspective of DNA discoveries made since that time he published a retrial involving new evidence exonerating Sir Isaac Newton from Wolfgang Von Goethe’s charge that Newton had destroyed the science of emotional colour perception. In 2017, the Retrial edition of the above book was published under the auspices of Feedaread Publishing, in association with Amazon Books.


Professor Robert Pope is the Director of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, Uki, NSW, Australia. The Center’s objective is to initiate a second Renaissance in science and art, so that the current science will be balanced by a more creative and feminine science. More information is available at the Science-Art Centre website: http://www.science-art.com.au/books.html

Professor Robert Pope is a recipient of the 2009 Gold Medal Laureate for Philosophy of Science, Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, London. He is listed in Marquis Who’s Who of the World as an Artist-philosopher, and has received a Decree of Recognition from the Futures and Development Researchers, American Council of the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node.

As a professional artist, he has held numerous university artist-in-residencies, including Adelaide University, University of Sydney, and the Dorothy Knox Fellowship for Distinguished Persons, Maquarie University and a residency at Yangzhou University. His artwork has been featured of the front covers of the art encyclopedia, Artists and Galleries of Australia, Scientific Australian and the Australian Foreign Affairs Record. His artwork can be viewed on the Science-Art Centre’s website.

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A Cancer Story

In the beginning of August 2016 my daughter in-law Andrea told her mother and me that she was told by her doctor that she had third stage cancer of the uterus and third stage cancer of the cervix. This came as quite a shock to both of us because Andrea was only thirty years old.

Andrea also said that the doctor had also scheduled her for a pap smear for the first week of September. Andrea knew that I had been spending a lot of time on the computer researching cancer cures because I have several friends who are stricken with this disease and Andrea wanted to know what I recommended.

I am 63 years old and in my lifetime I have witnessed the media announce several different cancer cures that were all silenced. I believe that the medical industry makes too much money from the chemo treatments to ever want to really find a cure for this disease that is killing all our loved ones. This only makes sense because what would you do if you were making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on chemo therapy, you lived in a huge mansion behind a gated community and you knew if the public ever found about all the cancer cures available your money would dry up.

I am amazed at all the grief and sorrow these people have put us through so they can live in their gated communities. The big Pharma industry is a 300 billion dollar a year industry mostly from chemo therapy. The health insurance industry is a trillion dollar a year industry. Think of how much money would be saved without cancer treatments. Any time you make the choice to put money ahead of people you are at risk of paying heavenly dues.

Some of the cures that have been already silenced are, in 2007 channel 7 news in Los Angeles reported that cancer had finally been cured. They reported that the doctors were taking white blood cells from the patients and breeding them in a dish and then injecting them back into the patients thus curing the cancer. I heard this story only once on channel 7 news. I never seen or heard of any followups since then.

In 2015 HBO had a special about cancer. This doctor was taking T cells from aids patients and injecting them into cancer patients thus destroying the cancer. This doctor said that he expected to receive the patent from the FDA sometime in 2016. That never happened because it is already 2017. He was either bought off or killed.

The German doctor Leonard Coldwell has a cancer clinic in Germany and has a cancer cure rate of 92%. When he tried to establish a clinic in the United States the drug industry tried to buy his patent. When he wouldn’t sell he has had his car blown up and has been shot at several times. Dr Coldwell also stated in his book “The Only Answer To Cancer” that when the people of Big Pharma get cancer they fly to Germany for treatment.

Also in Dr Coldwell’s book he uses Certified Food Grade 35% hydrogen Peroxide to cure cancer. He would start his patient’s with three drops in 8 ounces of distilled water per day and increase the dosage by one drop per day until he reached 25 drops. We did this treatment on a friend of a friend who had leukemia. After the treatment was completed he went to his doctor and his blood work came back as “normal”.

Just recently it has been reported that doctors were finding that anti-fungal drugs were curing cancer by accident. Of course that’s all that was ever said about anti-fungal drugs and the doctors keep right on killing their patients with chemo therapy. Any substance that kills fungus kills cancer.

Anti-fungal drugs curing cancer should not be of any surprise to any doctor. In 1931 doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg of Germany received the Noble Peace Prize in medicine. One of his studies concluded that cancer is a fungus. This is the same claim that Dr.Tullio Simoncini of Italy has been saying for years. The American doctors claim that Dr Tullio Simoncini is a quack and yet don’t offer not one shred of proof as to why he’s a quack.

Dr Tullio Simoncini has a video on YouTube where he shows the cancerous tumors inside a patient and how he washes the cancerous tumors away with a baking soda solution. Dr Tullio also tells a story about this patient who was in a coma and had a cancerous brain tumor. The other doctors gave the patient no chance of recovery. Dr Tullio administered an IV containing a solution of baking soda. After seven hours the patient regained consciousness and the tumor was gone.

Dr Mark Sircus also says that cancer is a fungus and has been curing cancer with baking soda. Dr Sircus has a clip on YouTube explaining how to use the baking soda regiment correctly in the fight of cancer.

I also watched a video on You Tube about a lady about sixty years old who had five cancerous tumors throughout her body. She tried chemo therapy without any results. she then tried vitamin B-17. When she took the B-17 all five tumors disappeared. She also discovered that when she stopped taking the B-17 the cancerous tumors returned so she concluded that because she took the chemo therapy (which destroys your immune system) she would have to take the B-17 the rest of her life.

There is a hour and a half program on YouTube called “Cancer the forbidden cure”. This program covers the one hundred year old history of cancer and the many numerous cures the people and medical doctors had discovered through the years only to have the FDA outlaw every cure submitted.

The bottom line is this. If you want to cure your cancer you are going to have to do your own research. The medical industry values your money more than your life.

When Andrea asked me what I would recommend to fight her cancer I didn’t want to take any chances or any risks. I was undecided between baking soda or B-17. I concluded that in taking baking soda or in taking B-17 neither had any side effects so why not take both and see if we couldn’t destroy this cancer quickly. That’s exactly what we did. During the several weeks when Andrea was taking the baking soda and B-17 she was worried and would ask me if I thought that the treatments were going to work before her next doctor’s visit? I told her I wasn’t sure if we had enough time, we would have to wait and see.

We then started Andrea on 500mg of B-17. We gave her one 500mg capsule in the morning and another 500mg capsule at evening. At the same time Andrea took 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water three times a day. Morning, noon and at night.

In the beginning of September 2016 when Andrea went to the doctor for her pap smear the doctor after examining her said that the cancer was completely gone. Andrea immediately went on Facebook and told everybody that the treatments worked!

Why am I writing this article? I have seen my Grandmother die of lung cancer, both my parents died of cancer, my uncle died of colon cancer. I have had several friends die of cancer. My best friend recently had cancer and I told him about what I have discovered about cancer. James decided to trust his doctors instead of trying B-17 or baking soda. James is now dead!! unbelief killed him along with the help of his doctors.

It’s been said that if you want to find corruption follow the money. Big Pharma is telling us that they are going to spend our money on genetic research. They are doing this because they know where cancer really comes from and they know that they could spend all the money in the world and never find a solution from genetic research. Genetic research would guarantee them and their future employees a paycheck for at least the next hundred years.

Some of the facts that I discovered are chemo therapy comes from mustard gas. It is highly toxic. To use chemo as a cure for cancer is ridiculous. Chemo kills everything, cancer cells as well as normal cells. The doctors objective is to kill the cancer cells before the chemo kills you. This approach in itself is deadly and retarded. Even if they kill the cancer first the poison has still left your immune system dead. And as in the case of my mom they killed the cancer first and a year later when she caught a cold, without an immune system the cold developed into pneumonia and killed her.

According to Google the cancer cure rate in the United States is 2.1% and in Australia the cancel cure rate is 2.3%. Neither of which are acceptable. That means that there is a 97.9% chance that you will die using chemo and radiation as a treatment for cancer! I also read that the average lifespan for a cancer patient on chemo is six months. The study also found that if you did nothing in your fight against cancer you would then have a 7% chance of survival!

Another interesting fact I came across is Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael D.Farley said in an interview that of all the countless autopsies he has performed in his career on cancer victims not one of them has ever died of cancer! The cancer victims have died of either chemo poisoning or radiation poisoning or both or in the case of people like my mom they died as a result of no immune system.

Currently in the United States they say that one in three people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. Do yourself a big favor if you are one of the three. Do your research. Don’t take any advice from anybody making money from cancer treatment. It only makes sense to try the baking soda first. If taken correctly it only costs about a dollar and doesn’t have any side effects.The B-17 is another good bet and will only run you about $100.00.

In conclusion, cancer is a simple fungus that is easily killed. Baking soda kills cancer, B-17 kills cancer, a raw vegetable diet kills cancer, your doctors anti-fungal medication kills cancer, turmeric prevents and kills cancer, Food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide kills cancer, chemo therapy and radiation kills you!

These medications are relatively cheap and doesn’t require any faith or belief on your part to work effectively. You can be the biggest skeptic on the planet. You can not even believe it will work for you as long as you take these treatments your cancer will be gone.

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Cancer Treatment – Is It Curable?

Cancer refers to a number of related diseases. In this disease, the cells in the human body start dividing and the process continues. These cells spread and affect the tissues around the area.

Location of the disease

As far as the location of the cancer goes, it can affect any part of the body. Usually, the cells in the human body continue to grow and divide in order to create fresh cells. As soon as a cell grows old, it dies. A new cell comes into existence to take the dead cell’s place.

But when a person gets cancer, the process gets disrupted. The cells become abnormal. The old cells begin to survive instead of dying. Moreover, new cells develop even when they are not needed. To make the matter worse, the additional cells divide and may develop into tumors.

The disease may appear as tumors. Another type of cancer is known as blood cancer or leukemias. Normally, cancer tumors can infect the surrounding tissues as well. Aside from this, as the tumors develop, some cells of the cancer can travel to other parts of the body via the lymph system or the blood. As a result, new tumors may develop.

Difference between normal cells and cancer cells

There are a lot of differences between normal cells and cancer cells. Actually, cancer cells behave differently and play a negatively different role. While normal cells stop dividing after a certain period of time, but cancer cells continue to grow.

Is Cancer Curable?

Nowadays, it is possible to treat most types of cancers. As a matter of fact, 70% of kids with the disease have been cured successfully. The treatment methods of today can treat different types of cancers, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, testicular cancer and leukaemia, just to name a few. If the skin is affected with this disease, it is usually treated with surgery. Patients with larynx and thyroid cancers are treated with radiotherapy.

Many other types of this disease can be treated if diagnosed at early stages. For instance, 75% of patients with breast cancers are diagnosed at an early stage. The problem is that different types of this disease are caused by different things. As a result, it is harder to use the same treatment to treat it.

Research is still in progress in order to treat all types of cancers. The researchers have been working day and night in order to develop new treatments in order to fight with new types of this deadly disease. Biological therapies like gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies and cancer vaccines are part of the research process.

So, if you or your loved one has this disease, we suggest that you don’t lose heart as there are powerful treatments out there that can help you get rid of this disease. As a matter of fact, most people have had their cancers cured at an early stage. Therefore, we highly suggest that you get in touch with your doctor if you have any of the symptoms of this disease. Early diagnosis is of great help.

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Cancer Impacts Everyone

Cancer is a powerful word and so misunderstood.

Cancer is a word that brings extreme and intense fear to anyone who hears it. It doesn’t have to be the person who receives the diagnosis; it can impact everyone in the circle of influence.

My life has never been hit with cancer, but several members of my family and circle of close friends have experienced the diagnosis in their own life. I remember hearing the words from my dad that my cousin had cancer at the age of 16. She and I were born in the same month of the same year so we were very close in age, but not close in relationship.

The news impacted my family, and my cousin started to really speak of the condition. She lost her hair and stayed in the marching band as long as she could. I remember her coming to my wedding shower and seeing how frail and weak she had gotten from the drugs.

Cancer starts out with a diagnosis and ends up causing a fear so intense that it sometimes seems that people who have had cancer for a long time, but never knew about it, take a quick trip down hill in body and soul, once they are alerted to cancer existing in their body.

She fought a good fight but told her mother one day that she didn’t want anymore treatment that she was tired and ready to go. Cancer is a condition that impacts the bodies immune system and as such it triggers all sorts of body responses.

Modern day medicine is revealing the power of placebo to treat cancer patients and many new models of healing are being revealed daily. I think it is so important that people who are given the diagnosis of cancer, also have emotion work done to circumvent the fear and the effects of fear on the body system.

My cousin has a scholarship fund now set up where she attended school called the “Paige Foster” scholarship and it goes to the student who excels in both music and academics. She truly was a hero in my eyes.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, please try to imaging your life without the disease. Take some time and deeply visualize your blood cells happy and free. Feel into the concept that you can heal yourself with the good vibrations and thoughts of you mind and know that you have choices when cancer has been presented into your life.

In honor of my cousin Paige, thank you.

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